Emergency Access Confirmation

I’m new to Bitwarden and was trying to set up my emergency access.

I just want to verify that after my emergency access people accept the email to be granted emergency access, when I am asked to “confirm” these individuals, they will not give them access to my passwords at that time.

Rather, my confirming will finalize the emergency access setup process so that if at some later date they request access, I can either deny it (if I’m alive and don’t wan them to have it) or, if they don’t respond, they will get access in the timeframe specified.

Am I correct?

@RHFriedman Welcome to the forum!

Yes, setting up emergency access (through a process of grantor invitation, grantee acceptance, and grantor confirmation) is different from using emergency access, as explained in the documentation.

Specifically, when confirming an accepted emergency access invitation during set-up, the grantee’s email will be labeled Accepted and the option for the grantor to affirm this is shown as Confirm (see screenshot). In contrast, when approving an emergency access request initiated by the grantee, the grantee’s email will be labeled Emergency access initiated and the option for the grantor to affirm this is shown as Approve (see screenshot). If you wish to deny the emergency access request, you can do so by selecting the option Reject before expiration of the specified wait period.

Thanks. Really appreciate it.

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