Emergency Access and changing mail address grantee


Have configured emergency access and was wondering if something needed to be reconfigured in case the grantee changes the mail address his/her Bitwarden account. Does Emergency Access need to be reconfigured? If not, what will I see as mail address of my emergency contact in my vault? Was not able to find this in the documentation.

Thanks a lot!

Great question!

When you invite someone to be an emergency contact, that person is directed to create or log into a Bitwarden account with specifically the email you invite. They have 5 days from the time you invite them to complete this step for the invitation to be valid.

Once they accept, the ‘emergency access’ is tied to that Bitwarden account’s unique ID. This means that if they log into their Bitwarden account and change the email associated with it, you do not need to change anything on your side. In fact, if they update their email, you will see the new email listed in your emergency contacts :slight_smile:

On the other hand, if they create a new Bitwarden account with a new email, or simply have to re-create their account, you’ll need to re-invite them. If they delete the previously invited Bitwarden account, it will be removed from your list of emergency contacts.

TL;DR: If it’s just an email change, no need to worry. If they swap Bitwarden accounts, re-invite and always double-check your list of invited contacts :+1: