Emergency Access Accepted Not Confirmed

I have no access to my main account and I have emergency access accepted by another account but I missed the fact I had to confirm this email. So now I have an account listed for emergency access but since it was never confirmed I can only remove, I can’t request access.

Is there any way to grant emergency access now or am I screwed?

Hello @Flishy - sorry to hear about this. I can only imagine how losing access to your vault must feel right now.

Unfortunately, if the emergency access contact designation was never completed, I don’t think you are going to be able to recover your account using this method. But, I could be wrong or there may be other opportunities I am not aware of - so, I encourage you to contact Bitwarden customer support directly to see if they can help out:

That’s what I figured too but I was hoping there may be a possible workaround. I’ve contacted support so I’m just waiting to hear back.

Thanks for your message.

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Good luck flishy in the meantime time I would work on recovering the passwords of important accounts like your email and your bank