Embedded files missing from 1Password (1pux) export

Seems like Bitwarden does not import embedded files from 1Password export (1pux). What I tried.

  1. Go to web vault → Tools → Import Data
  2. Select 1Password (1pux) as import file
  3. Select the actual 1pux export
  4. Click on “Import data”

What I expected: The imported entries should contain the embedded files from 1Password entries.

What happened: The general import works fine, but the embedded files are not imported at all. They are part of the 1pux export, though.

The files Bitwarden does not import,are part of the 1pux export, and linked in the export.data file.

Exported file in 1pux archive

Linked file in export.data

In the org. ticket it was mentioned that the 1pux export does not contain files at that moment.


1pux is prepared for including attachments but as of now, they are not included. This will be handled at a later point when 1password has added this feature.

Currently, the files are part of the export. The later point in time is reached I’d say. :slight_smile:

Either I missed something, or the import is currently missing that functionality. Or maybe it’s related to the fact that I’m using the streamlined self-hosting option that is currently in beta. But not knowing more details I would doubt that.

About my environment

- 1Password version that created the 1pux export
  1Password for Mac 8.9.10 (80910043)
- Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
- Docker
- Using the new beta self host
- Server Installed 2022.11.1 
- Web Installed 2022.11.2 
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Hi @dawe,

I haven’t had a chance to test with the new self-hosted unified beta.
Being that it is fairly new there very well could be some bugs, do you know if the .1pux import works properly and imports file attachments into the Bitwarden Cloud web-vault?

Sorry, haven’t checked that. As I want to to move away from a cloud solution, I’d like not to import my data to another one. :slight_smile:

Will see if I can somehow create a test account to check this against your cloud version.

As far as I know, Bitwarden does not support the import or export of attachments. There are some 3rd-party tools that can be used to backup and restore vaults that contain file attachments, but I don’t think they are designed to be used for importing from other password managers.

That’s what it seems to be, yes. But as the restriction on the export side seems to be gone, nothing should prevent that import from happening.

Would be great if somebody could confirm that a.) Bitwarden people are aware of the missing functionality, and that b.) the 1pux export contains everything needed these days.

Hi @dawe,

I wrote the 1pux importer back in the day (wow, almost a year ago :sweat_smile: ) and I can confirm that Bitwarden currently does not support importing attachments from any of the importers.

I haven’t checked a fresh .1pux-export yet, but it’s likely that 1password has added support for exporting attachments. That’s one of the reason they went with the new format IMHO.

Kind regards,

Can confirm this is something that 1Password supports, though not sure how recent it is.

@djsmith85, thanks for confirming. What would be the best place to put this as a feature request?

If PRs are accepted for this kind of stuff, I’d love to get some pointers where to start looking at in the code base. Knowing me and my time schedule/management its mostly unlikely I will get really into it. But who knows.

@dawe Best to search for an existing feature request or if none found create a new one in our feature request category on our forums here.

We appreciate and welcome all kinds of contributions. To get an overview, please have a look at our contribution docs. If you’d like to have a look at opening a PR, then please have a look at our guides for setting up a development environment.

Specifically for importers, the web or cli guides will be of interest.

The code for the 1pux-importers is located here. It extends a common baseImporter. Typescript types for 1pux and specs with test data are also present.

Looking forward to see a PR from you, if you find the time for it.

Kind regards,

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