Email remembered in chrome extension - security hazard

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to share a problem I’m facing with the BW chrome extension, which for me is a massive security hazard.
When I am unlogged from the extension, the email is remembered and suggested and I didn’t find a way to remove it.
While this represents a security problem in its own right, a mistake I made makes it even worse: thinking my vault was only locked and not logged off, I typed my Master password in the email field and it is now suggested, in plain characters, everytime I log off.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? Maybe found a solution to erase these suggested emails in the extension?

Thanks for your help,


Hello @StoneWolf - welcome to the forums. And sorry to hear about your login issue.

I am not sure which browser or OS you are using, but you can try two generic solutions that may solve your problem:

  1. Uninstall the browser extension. Quit and restart the browser. Reinstall the extension.

  2. If that doesn’t work, you may have to delete your browser profile entirely (or worst case scenario, uninstall and reinstall the browser entirely).

I hope one of those work for you. Cheers.

Hi David, thank you for your quick replay.
I had tried uninstalling the browser extension to no avail, but deleting my data in Chrome parameters did the trick.
Thank you so much for your help
Have a good day

Great - glad that worked! :smiley:

To be clear here, with Chrome your passwords are kept in the browsing data of the app AND the signed-in Google Account. I’m not sure, but this is potentially still recorded in account settings.


If you’re using Bitwarden’s Autofill, I recommend shutting off Chrome’s autofill. As you found out, it is insecure. Usually I always caution people to back up the chrome autofill to bitwarden in case there’s something important, but…