Email me list of recent login times, login IP addresses, master password changes

Feature name

  • email me some recent bitwarden account status info

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    My current use-case: I cannot seem to log in to my rarely used small-database secondary work bitwarden account. I guess during my lastpass-cleanup haste on my main personal bitwarden account, I changed my secondary work bitwarden master password, but don’t recall doing so. Would be nice to be able to click on the bitwarden vault login screen to request a snapshot of what recently happened on my account. If I can see that, yeah, I indeed changed my secondary work bitwarden master password on one of those very busy nights that I was working on my main personal bitwarden account, from my home IP address, then I know that, oh well, yeah, I screwed up. Right now, I’m thinking, I don’t really know what happened.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    This would help me to confirm my suspicions about how I screwed up, or, more importantly, alternatively inform me that indeed I had my secondary work bitwarden account master password in my hacked lastpass account, and that I have a lot of work to do, fast.

PS: Turns out, I did change it and finally remembered the change, phew.