Email Alias Generator

I’ve read a few different articles regarding the email alias generator. All of them have mentioned that functionality is current in desktop, web vault, and browser extension. I have found this to be false as I can only find this tool in the web vault, and not in the desktop or extension, both of which are on the latest updates.

Also, the web vault does not save the API, so every time I go back in to generate an email alias, I have to copy and paste the api from the alias provider. Surely this isn’t the intended functionality?

Am I missing something?

Hi @Ajar1682 ! Welcome! You are not missing anything. The web vault is first, and additional clients are rolling out now through next week. Regarding the persistence of the API key in the web vault, the team is aware and working on that.


Thank you for the quick response!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bitwarden for this amazing tool. I love recommending it to others.

@go12 Does the Mac App store client also get the Forwarded Email Alias option?

yes. stay tuned for rollouts within the next week or so

Thanks for the updated information

Great new Feature! I’ve subscribed to Firefox Relay to take advantage of it.

I’m using Bitwarden Vault and the Generator is only showing me options for SimpleLogin and AnonAddy. As we are in rollout at this time I guess Firefox Relay will appear soon.

I found AnonAddy more challenging to set up but I did get it working. To create and API you have to copy a large paragraph of data to be copied to create the API key. never seen that before.

SImpleLogin is $30/year where AnonAddy and Firefox Relay are $12 per year so I skipped trying SimpleLogin.

Added the API key of simplelogin but email addresses are not generated at simplelogin portal.
What am i doing wrong?

Hey @Samplex, can you check to see if you hit your alias limit? Also try going back to copy and past the API key with no leading or trailing spaces.

Am having the same issue. Installed the latest version on my on-premise installation.


Wenn I try to generate a new alias at simplelogin (via webvault), I immediately get the following error message:


Can’t find anything useful in the logfiles. I also have tried without pihole active.

I have a premium account at simplelogin, so no max number of aliases hit.

What could I try next? Thanks a lot in advance.

Update: when I try to generate the alias via the browser addon (Firefox), it works? Weird. Why does this not work in the webvault?

Hey everyone, let me know if you are adding the API to each client, or just to the one that is working? Currently you have to add the API token to each client separately.

Which browser addon? I could not find an option to add a self-hosted (on-premises) installation of SimpleLogin work with bitwarden.

You can change the URL for SimpleLogin’s addon, but if BitWarden is trying to contact the main SimpleLogin servers, they wouldn’t have any idea of your API key

Sorry, was not clear. I have an on-prem Bitwarden instance and want that to work with the normal SimpleLogin site (not an on-prem SimpleLogin Install).

I have added the API key in both the webvault as well as the firefox addon. Only the firefox addon works correctly. The webvault is coming back with the error message way to quickly in my opinion, so I don’t think it is actually getting the error from the simplelogin site.