Eliminate Pop-Up in iOS when FaceID is Enabled

It may seem silly, but a big reason I switched to Bitwarden was there was no pop up (besides the FaceID overlay) when filling passwords in Safari using iOS’ password manager integration. I guess this changed in a recent update.

To me, this makes the iOS integration feel less seamless. I see the website then Bitwarden then back to the website; almost like I switched apps. It is more distracting and less elegant than the prior approach, and I don’t see the necessity when Bitwarden’s FaceID feature is enabled.

Yes! This has been annoying me so much since the update

This has been required in new iOS rules for security reasons.

i’ve been using 1password for the last 5 years and recently swapped over to bitwarden, this was the biggest difference to me (1password doesn’t have the pop up unless there’s 2FA)

Are there any plans to remove the pop up if unnecessary?