Editing identities information

A short time ago I had to edit my identities because of incorrect information. I went thru each identity in my desktop browser drop down menu, and either edited them or deleted them.

However, I’m still being offered this incorrect info as a choice along with the correct info.

If you are “being offered this incorrect info” in a Bitwarden app that is different from the one in which you made the changes, then it could be a sync issue. You can force a manual sync, or even better, log out completely and log back in.

If it is happening in the same Bitwarden app in which you made the changes previously, then the most likely explanation is that you did not click the “Save” button after making the changes:


All work was done in my Firefox desktop browser app.

Unless there other “identities” stored elsewhere, everything, all 8 items, under this category


was examined and either edited to remove the inaccuracies, or deleted.

No identity in there contains the misinformation.

Bitwarden has a Desktop app and a browser extension, which are different (The Desktop app is a stand-alone app based on the Electron browser, and the browser extensions are integrated into various web browsers). I assume that you are talking about the browser extension for the Firefox browser, and not the Bitwarden Desktop app.


OK, so where do you see a problem? If the problem is reproducible, what are the steps required to reproduce the problem?

Forgive me for being confused, but did you read my posts?

I thought I made it apparent that, although I have examined all the “Identities”, and verified that none of the incorrect data exists there, that data is still suggested/offered by the app for form filling.

Yes, I have read your posts, but with all due respect, the description of your problem is incomplete and ambiguous in its wording, which makes it difficult to attempt to provide any meaningful assistance.

Although you have not clearly described your system, my best guess is that you are using the Bitwarden browser extension for the Firefox browser, perhaps installed on a desktop computer (there is no such thing as a “Firefox desktop browser app”). The operating system is not known.

Based on what you have said so far, I have also deduced that you have made changes to your 8 Identity items in the browser extension, and then re-opened each Identity item (in the browser extension) to confirm that the revisions were correctly saved.

What is still not clear is how and where you are encountering discrepancies in the Identity information.

Presumably, this problem is occurring while using the browser extension, still (based on the fact that you wrote “All work was done in my Firefox desktop browser app [sic]”). However:

  • In your first post, you said that you are “offered this incorrect info as a choice along with the correct info”. Exactly what this means is not clear. Where are you being “offered” this information? When you open the Identity item in the browser extension? When you view the list of Identities on the Tab page of the browser extension? When you go to the Identities section of the Vault page in the browser extension? When you search for identities in the browser extension?

  • In your second post, you said that “No identity in there contains the misinformation”, implying that the incorrect information is not in the browser extension — which begs the question: where is the misinformation found?

  • In the third post, you mention for the first time an issue with “form filling”. This was not conveyed in your original post. In Bitwarden, form filling of Identities is done by selecting one of the listed Identity items from the Tab page of the browser extension. So are you saying that there are Identity items listed on the browser extension’s Tab page which should not be there (i.e., an Identity item that you had previously deleted)? This seems to contradict your second post, which shows a screenshot of your browser extension’s Tab page, with your assurances that all 8 items were examined and confirmed to contain no misinformation. Finally, when selecting one of the Identity items from the Tab view in the browser extension, the corresponding identity data should be transferred to the web form — is this the step in which you are observing some discrepancy? If so, what exactly happens when you click on the desired Identity item in the Tab page of your browser extension?


You have said multiple times that Identity information is being “offered” or “suggested”. FYI, Bitwarden does not offer or suggest data for form filling (unless you are considering the list of available Identity items that is seen when you open the Bitwarden browser extension to be a list of “suggestions”). This leads me to believe that the information being “suggested” or “offered” to you does not actually come from Bitwarden at all. More likely, you are being offered information by the native form filling feature of the Firefox browser (which explains why the changes you make in Bitwarden are not affecting the data stored by your Firefox browser).

I would strongly suggest disabling all native autofill capabilities of the Firefox browser, since these will interfere with the proper functioning of the Bitwarden browser extension. Here are the instructions for disabling the form autofill function in Firefox:

Here are instructions for disabling the browser’s native password manager (click on the “Firefox” tab on the following webpage to get instructions specific to Firefox):