Edit list of card brands

Under “Card” there is a predefined list of card types, whilst it would be ideal to auto-detect them (requested elsewhere); a nice interim would to be able to edit/add them.

Especially for non-US users the list of what are common card types is pretty limited

They are missing mastercard debit which is used by monzo customers in the UK for instance.

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Yep also missing Visa Debit - would be nice if these were added to help form pre-filling.

This feature request doesn’t seem to be getting very far!! I also would like Mastercard Debit added to the Brand list. Is there any way we can do this ourselves, via the CLI maybe?

Please add the ‘Exchange Network’ to Card Brand’s (along side Visa, Mastercard, etc.) when adding Vault items.

Thank you =)

RuPay (portmanteau of Rupee and Payment) is an Indian multinational financial services and payment service system, conceived and launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) on 26 March 2012.


Please add “Elo” to card brands.

Elo has over 120 million cards in Brazil.