Edge + Ctrl-Shift-L. How to set up?

Bitwarden fill login details shortcut Ctrl-Shift-L does not work in Edge. Annoying. Bitwarden says I have to change the shortcuts… yes, well, how? I’d like an easy answer. It is WAY to hard to find this information. If this is easy to do could you make this a sticky please? Thanks

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Hi, open Edge and type in the address bar edge://extensions/shortcuts
There you can set your shotcuts for Bitwarden
Hope this helps


Thank you! It most certainly helped. It was more simple than imagined. Who knew Edge had a separate keyboard shortcut thingie for the extensions… you can look around in SETTINGS a long time without finding ANYTHING AT ALL. You can search in settings and there is nothing. And Google pointed me towards some horrible devtools keyboard shortcut nightmare that was not helpful at all.

A few more details.

Open Edge and type in the address bar edge://extensions/shortcuts
You will see
“Auto-fill the last used login for the current website”
This is where you sequentially type and hold the following keys Ctrl Shift L
Leave “In Edge” unchanged.

By-the-way, to see what Edge was originally doing with Ctrl + Shift + L look at
Edge Shortcuts
It says the following:
Ctrl + Shift + L Paste and search or Paste and go (if it’s a URL)