Edge browser seems to cause lag, stutter on sites

Using Edge (Windows), and as long as Bitwarden running a just loaded page is unersponsive for 5-10 seconds. Once the extention is disabled everything is fast as usual. What setting should I start fiddleing with, or is is a known bug of late?

Certainly not normal behavior.

What version of Edge?
What version of the BW browser extension?

Are you using auto-fill?

Hi, so my Edge seems to be the latest: 111.0.1661.54
So is Bitwarden: 2023.3.0
They all autoupdate I think.
Not using autofill, turned it off some months ago.
Also it doesn’t do everywhere to be more precise. Where it really feels bad is actually a Joomla CMS admin backend. Weird, but really, turning it off helps.

I’m running the same Edge and BW extension versions as you.

Is it reproduceable through a test Joomla instance perhaps at Joomla! Launch?

That might be a way of seeing if someone else can reproduce the issue.

Same problem here for me.

Edge version 111.0.1661.54
Bitwarden 2023.3.0

Tried in private mode too if it had any problem with config/profil, same problem. Even if with the plugin with no config at all, if i activate it, i will have little (5s) or big (30s+) lag on some page with forms.

Just tested with Bitwarden 2023.2.1, no problem.

It’s really a problem with 2023.3.0.

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Thanks all, please create a Github bug report with steps to reproduce here: Issues · bitwarden/clients · GitHub for the team to investigate.