Easy way to blur out parts of an ID card and add a watermark

Feature name

  • Create a safe copy of a identity card

Feature function

  • It would be a seperate tool within Bitwarden, with an easy tool, to fully locally blur out section of a scanned image of a identity card
  • With the ability to add a watermark on it
  • Meant for occasions where you need to send someone a copy of your ID, but you only want to show them the needed sections and blur out everything else. (And add a watermark with the data and name of the receiver)

Related topics + references

How about paint.net ? Free, easy to use, still powerful.

Well i have used paint.net in the past, But that’s the neat part about a specified tool like this is that you can just click checkboxes and choose which data needs to be censored. much cleaner and quicker than opening paint.net and doing that manually.

If this was built into Bitwarden, i could easily have it stored and open trough bitwarden and select what to cross out and which text to watermark it.

See some screenshots of the tool with a fake id card

This tool is designed specifically for Belgian id cards, but obv if Bitwarden made something similar, you could easily create layouts for all kinds of identity cards