Easy Method Of Saving Backup Copy Of Saved Passwords

Is there an easy method of saving a complete backup of my saved passwords in a usable form on my windows 11 computer and then print it out in a readable format that can be put in a secure location if needed at a later point in time?

What you want to do can be done easily, but it is not easy to do it in a secure manner.

For example, in the browser extension, go to Settings > Export Vault, then select the .csv format, input your master password, click “Submit”, and click the “Export Vault” button.

The resulting file can be opened in Excel (or any other spreadsheet app), where you can format the data and print out the file contents.

Thanks so much for your reply, I knew there had to be a way of doing this.

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Is your goal to create a printed list, or would you rather have a machine-readable backup that you can visually inspect and maybe grab a password or two out of in an emergency?

Exporting a CSV will accomplish the former, but for the latter take a look at:
Guide: How to Create and Store a Backup of Your Bitwarden Vault