Easily Enhance passphrase generation and increase complexity

This feature should be not very hard to implement.

With a few enhancements the cobinatorics of the passphrase go through the roof.

  1. Include more languages. Maybe let the user import word lists for their language. Maybe I speak English, French and Spanish. So my passphrase could use words for all three languages.
  2. Use more than one word separator. It would be nice to give a list of characters which are suitable for the user to use as a word seperator. And the generator could randomly use one of them between each word.
  3. Give an option for typos. Maybe one can choose how many words should include typos. Meaning one or more words will be chosen an a character will be switched with a random character/symbol (or randomly chosen from a user defined set).

So the passphrase generator could be customized such that instead of just giving


it could give

boxcar*avril Ladendiebstahl_go&hic

  • english word
  • star as separator
  • french word
  • space as separator
  • german word
  • underscore as seperator
  • english word with typo

So EVEN if I knew you used 2 english words and 1 french and 1 german word the complexity would be rather high

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