Easier access to all passwords in mobile app

The iOS app contains four entries/tabs in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen of which none allow you to see all entries in your vault (except if you open up the search):

  • “My Vault” shows only favorites, folders and collections
  • “Password Generator”
  • “Tools” is basically a list of links which I only used at the beginning and thus could easily be moved to the settings tap
  • “Settings”

Why not a scheme following other password managers like the following:

  • “Favorites” replacing the previous “My vault”
  • “My vault” containing all entries
  • “Password Generator”
  • “Settings” with the previous “Tools” tab merged

Additionally it would be really nice if a pulling down movement on a list of passwords (i.e. the favorites) opens up the search - this is the typical pattern under iOS.