E-Mail New Device Logged In

Anyone knows how too change the mail to the correct ip?

“Your Bitwarden account was just logged into from a new device”
IP Address: ::ffff:

I am running self-hosted Bitwarden on Docker.

If BitWarden emailed you stating a new device logged in followed by an IP, it’s the IP address that the program has detected and you can’t change it. Maybe you were running a VPN or using Tor? Which gave you an IP that doesn’t match your device’s IP

Hi, thanks for reply.
No i am not behind VPN or Tor.
I have debian withs installs 2 nics lo and ens192
After install docker it creates 11 nic also docker0, br-1a4234, veth, …
I think it has to do with bridge to docker.
how to set this default to ens192?

To be clear: my own bitwarden self hosted send this email with incorrect ip

I’ve got the same issue, just found this after posting about it myself.