Dual hosting - Self and Paid Service (Single App?)

Are there options to consume a self managed instance of Bitwarden and a remote paid subscription? I am a paying user and intend to run a self hosted instance, partly to limit the blast radius but also to keep supporting the service. At the moment I think my only option is to 1) use the app for one, login to the web site for the other 2) log out and log in to either each time I want to use it. Non-app I assume I can just use a different browser and set the browser extension to either instance but with a phone, the app is almost central to its use given the auto-fill works across the device outside of the browser.

  1. Multiple Android App installs
  2. Easy switching between URLs (and accounts) within the Android App

I have not seen this raised, I appreciate I might be in a small minority but having a working option to co-exist may help the project also, both options have their advantages and disadvantages based on your position/use.

Hi @mrwinstonsmith84, welcome!

Currently, your solution to using 2 instances/accounts is the option to use. However, we are bringing Account Switching to Desktop and Mobile apps in the very near future :metal: