Drop dead report

I would really like to see a “drop dead” report.

I keep all of our household “secrets” in BitWarden along with account passwords and the like. My wife is not terribly computer savvy, and if I were to drop dead tomorrow I’d like for her to not have to deal with learning a password manager just to get at the various household account numbers and whatnot.

I keep these in a Word doc for now. But that’s not secure.

I’d really like the option in BitWarden to mark/tag an item as “drop dead”, and then have the ability to export to PDF (or print) a report of all of the “drop dead” items. Then I can stick the printout in the safe and my mind is at ease that she will have everything she needs (in that regard) should I suddenly perish or become incapacitated.

(Folders don’t work in this case because I already use folders for organizing the various items)

Thank you for your consideration.

Vault Item Labels might work though.
That is if BW ever get round to releasing them.

So keep that Word doc on a usb stick or print it out and keep it in your vault as you wanted. If you don’t want your wife to learn bitwarden, why involve it in your setup?