Drive for files and photos encrypted

Could you create a space (not as attachments to file in a passwords page) to save your files as photos or videos?

Something other than send (which is quite complicated and inconvenient to use), Maybe even a 1gb space (for Premium users) a kind of google drive encrypted

Would attachments fit this need?

Based on the original post, they don’t see interested in attachments. Rather are looking for a full-blown end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. I recommend alternatives like Tresorit, or the new ProtonDrive for that purpose.

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Exactly, a kind of google drive

I agree with the suggestion of Proton Drive. And most cloud file store providers like OneDrive or Dropbox provide an encrypted file vault now. I don’t see any need to add this functionality into password managers.


For convenience, just for putting photos of sensitive documents
So you have everything in one place

Is there a reason why you aren’t considering existing end-to-end encrypted solutions?

Also, any host will be sufficient to store encrypted files with Cryptomator:

I have no problems with other document managers. It was just to organize everything in one place.

Yeah, good suggestion. I have been using VeraCrypt for years, but the end-to-end encrypted vaults that are built in now are far more convenient.

Back to the OPs suggestion - others may agree, so I hope you get support for your idea. But also remember that some don’t want Bitwarden to evolve into a bloated, do-it-all package - we have enough of those in the password manager market already, IMO.


I understand the points of view, so I’ll let others decide

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Well said. Me too.