Dragon Naturally Speaking offering to correct passwords in plain text popup?

I’m testing Bitwarden as a replacement for Lastpass for my business and one glitch I’ve noticed is that on several websites using Bitwarden to fill in my username and password will cause Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS 15 on Windows 10) to offer several variations of my password in its popup correction box. This is a problem as my monitor is often viewed by clients during the work day as we discuss their issues and obviously I’d prefer that they (and Dragon) not see my passwords. Closing and opening DNS many times per day when I use Bitwarden would be impractical.

Normally I would think of this as a Dragon problem but this behavior didn’t occur with Lastpass filling in the name and password on these sites.


Is there anyway in Dragon to ignore the application/web page/bitwarden altogether?


As above, Dragon ignores Bitwarden just fine if password filling is done via right click menu. What is different about Bitwarden password filling that way vs the Bitwarden extension icon menu?

It uses the same code. There is no difference.