Download the android app outside of the google playstore

Hello guys !!

I want to be able to download the bitwarden app for android outside of the google playstore in case that i do a factrory reset on my phone and dont have any other device with biwarden already installed to see my google password, cuz to download from the google playstore you must sign in first. Or for whatever other reason !!

Anyway, my question is, which one exactly to download ??

The one fron the official website via f-droid ?

Or one of theese two .apk from the official page of bitwarden on github ?

What’s the different between the “com.x8bit.bitwarden-fdroid.apk” and the “com.x8bit.bitwarden.apk”

I installed both the .apk’s (without login) and seems the same.

If you need your google (play) password to recover, you ought to add it to your emergency kit. Good catch, BTW.

I would focus more on building recovery scenarios that require nothing but an emergency kit and a working credit card. Local archives are not a good thing because they tend to result in outdated software that may have known vulnerabilities or that may not work with a newer database format.

Thank you very much for your answer !!

I dont have an emergency kit but i will make one, but aside of that, my question was different. If for any reason i want to download the bitwarden for my android outside of the google play store, what is the better out of these three options ?? And what the different between them ??