Download Files from Send in the App without use the link (like a cloud)

Hello folks,

I want to use the Send-Feature like a small but safe cloud. When I upload a file in a new entry, I can just download the file (on another device) when I use the Send-Link. But why it is not possible to download or view the file in the Bitwarden-App when I click on the entry? There is just the filename but no quick link to that file or a download button. With this feature one can use this like a personal cloud.

Thank you for your interest and suggestions.

@justanotherjurastude Sends are meant to expire after a period of time. For long-term secure storage, I would instead suggest adding attachments to a secure note in your Bitwarden vault.

Hey, thank you for that clue. But this is totally inconvenient. Why do I first have to create a note und only after that I’m able to attach a file? It should be easier ina way, that one can upload or attach a file while creating the note.

Thanks for that feedback!