Double blind password protection

so, researching all i can about password managers (since i’m new to it), i came upon this interesting article that seems like a brilliant idea.

sorry if this is old news :smile: , just thought it might help someone that didn’t know about it.

PS. if anyone needs help setting this up with Bitwarden , let me know and i’ll try and explain.

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I don’t know if it’s “old news” but thanks for your post. The double-blind technique (also called “horcruxing”) does in fact add another layer of security.

I tried using it on a couple of sites, but quickly decided it was more trouble than it was worth. You have to type in extra characters at each login. And Bitwarden notices that it’s a different password so it pops up a little nagware window that you have to click on to dismiss. All that for the extremely unlikely possibility that someone might “acquire” my master password.

It’s not for me. The whole reason I use Bitwarden is because I’m lazy. Double-blind passwords make me work too hard. :sunglasses: