Don't store password in Windows 10 Clipboard History / Cloud Clipboard


with the newest KeePass Version you get the option “Do not store data in the Windows clipboard history and the cloud clipboard”, this would be cool for bitwarden as well (if possible).

Yes, this seems to be an important feature.

And I also could not find any timer to set, to delete passwords in clipboard after X seconds? EDIT: This seems to be requested here already: Automatically clear clipboard after X seconds when using copy functions

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My wish is a bit different: Just clearing your clipboard doesn’t remove the password from the Cloud Clipboard!

I agree with @johannes here ; clearing clipboard after some time is an incomplete solution.

Clipboard managers are usually able to not record “sensitive” data, but apps have to identify their data as “sensitive” in the first place.

This might provide some help in doing so:

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Are you sure? Won’t deleted Cloud History items also be removed upon synchronization?

In any case, while not final, I think deleting items from the clipboard history is a better solution than the current state. There seems to be an API for interfacing with the clipboard history which apparently allows even individual items to be deleted. I think I would like to try writing a fix for this. After some superficial search, I believe the clipboard deletion is done in app.components.ts using the SystemService class from jslib. I will definitely take a look at it. If someone wants to work with me on this, let me know. :slight_smile:

Agreed. This is a security vulnerability and needs to be added urgently. It has been in KeePass since version 2.41 was released January 2019. KeePass 2.41 released - KeePass


From what I see, this feature still wasn’t implemented :confused:
I use clipboard history a lot and I think that passwords should be deleted from there shortly after copying.

Any updates here?

@abaddon - There is some collaboration taking place here: Windows 10 clipboard history keeps passwords after being copied · Issue #557 · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub