Don't repeatedly display "unlocking may fail due to insufficient memory" warning

When using Bitwarden with Argon2 on iOS, unlocking the vault via the password autofill integration yields a warning,

“unlocking may fail due to insufficient memory”

While the app itself does not repeatedly show this error, the autofill does, and there appears to be no way to disable it, thus requiring an additional click-through on every use of autofill.

It would be nice to show that only once, or be able to disable it via a setting.

Welcome to the community @bwf and thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’ll submit this to the team for feedback.

Hey @bwf - here’s the response from Product:

“This message shows preemptively because we cannot know if there is sufficient memory available until we try it, and if memory is not available the app will simply crash. This is a risk each time we unlock. The error message presents the user with two possible resolutions, either lowering their KDF settings (in this case, lower than 48MB) or configuring biometric unlock.”

“As to why autofill shows this warning and not the app, this is because the memory limits imposed by iOS are different for app extensions than for apps themselves.”

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Thanks, Jai! I didn’t know about the lower memory limits for extensions.

Nonetheless, I’m not convinced that showing the warning every time is really the best UX. In general, if I am clicking “OK” to dismiss a notification many times, it’s probably a sign it’s a non-actionable notification. Perhaps we could rate limit it (say, once a day) or make it controlled by a user setting?

@bwf I have moved your post to the Feature Request section of the forum.

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