Don't log out of browser extension on every reboot

Each time I start up my computer, I am prompted to re-enter my master password. I’d like the option for it to be remembered. It can be optional, off-by-default.

I believe the feature you are looking for is “Vault Timeout Action” which can be set to logout.
When Bitwarden is closed, either on browser restart, PC reboot, etc. Whatever you have Vault Timeout set to, Bitwarden will only ask for you to reenter your master password to unlock your vault, rather than require sign in every time.

Hope that helps, cheers.

I don’t believe there’s an option to not have the vault lock automatically on shutdown/reboot. That would be a fairly big security risk!


You can set the timeout to ‘never’ and it will maintain your unlocked status, but as @danmullen says, that could be risky.

But you can now set certain items to require your master password, even if you’re unlocked: Vault Items | Bitwarden Help & Support

Would it? OK so the key is stored on disk somewhere but if the volumes are encrypted with e.g. Bitlocker, then how much of a risk is it in practice I wonder?

FWIW I am not using Bitwarden still due to other issues I have with it, so this is a bit academic, but I run Bitlocker in conjunction with a TPM module and Windows Hello, which tbh I think is pretty much uncrackable unless you work at GCHQ… and even then???

And BTW, I think everyone should be doing same or similar. People need to plan to expect their computer/laptop etc to get stolen and to be able to deal with the consequences. It’s no good “hoping” that never happens. Hope is not a strategy.

If Bitwarden is unlocked and someone gets access to your machine, they get access to every credential for every service you use. Suddenly, your long, secure password you use for BW is rendered useless because it’s now only as secure as your Windows password. Defence in depth - don’t make yourself an easy target for bad guys!

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How is data secured on an AES128 encrypted volume with a very very long key “an easy target”?

Sure you can never be TOO careful, but “easy target”? That’s just lazy talk. There’s nothing easy about cracking a bitlocker encrypted volume with super strong password. In fact I would say it is impossible with current technology.

I didn’t suggest someone had to crack BitLocker encryption. Leaving BW unlocked permanently just means someone needs to get hold of your Windows password and they have all your credentials. You’re reducing your security down to just a single password. Why not have the safety net of a different password securing your password manager? Nothing lazy about that.

I know three people who have had their Windows credentials stolen via phishing attacks in the last couple of months. It happens all the time.

Since we’ve answered the question, I think we’re good on this thread :slight_smile:

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