Don't log out apps upon invalid server response (HTTP 500, 503, internal server error, 404, DNS failure, etc)

Feature name

  • Stay logged in even when server is broken / internet is out

Feature function

  • Currently, if the bitwarden servers (self hosted, or even bitwarden-hosted) go down and are either inaccessible or return errors, the browser plugins and mobile apps seem to treat that as a “please log me out, invalid password” response. This is bad news if you’re like me and self host… and put your bitwarden and hosting account passwords in your self hosted bitwarden… or if there’s a large-scale outage of some kind, or even if you’re connected to a walled garden, etc.
  • Implementing this feature will give users a fighting chance to use or backup their passwords during an outage, or maybe not even notice a temporary outage.
  • Currently I have zero trust that I’ll have access to my passwords if I’m traveling and don’t have reliable internet, which is a dealbreaker for a devops person such as myself. This feature would be one “easy” step towards establishing that confidence.


I’m using Bitwarden hosted on my personal server.
If the web service is not available for any reasons, when i open the application (Android), there is a message “the session expired” and i can’t access to my passwords.

It would be fine if passwords are always available even if web server is not available.


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