Does wife need separate Premium account?

Making the switch to BW from LP and need to know:

I created a Premium Family account…does my wife need a Premium account and she get’s access that way?
…With LastPass, when I shared something it sent an email and she would accept the share and vice versa when she shared something. I’m unclear how she can maintain her PRIVATE accounts and me the same without one of us having access to EVERYTHING

…Not seeing how I give my wife access to our family accounts?

…FYI, I did create an organization but same here, not seeing how these items that I’ve moved to the organization are shared?

…Any asistance for this NOOB would be greatly appreciated as I’m anxious to finally give LP the boot and move on.

Thanks in Advance!!

Hello @dsabine - welcome to the Bitwarden community!

If you have purchased a Family Subscription to Bitwarden, your wife does not need to also purchase a Premium subscription - that will be included in your Family subscription.

But you will need to invite her to your Family Organization to take advantage of this. See the info here about how to invite and accept a user into your organization:

To share items with your wife, you should setup a Collection in your organization that is visible to both of you. That way, either of you can create a new item in Bitwarden and then set the organization as the owner and assign it to a collection so that you can both it (a Collection is like a special folder or container within an organization that you can share among users - see more here: ).

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David H.,
Thanks for the SUPER FAST reply. After hitting send I found a little more on setting up so it’s just a matter of stumbling through and now I found a couple of YouTube videos also for the setup. Always fun to learn a new product but moving away from LP I’m sure will be worth it in the LONG RUN.
Thanks Again!

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