Does this really not have sharing per user?

I searched and it seems you can only share in collections.

As a lastpass user trying this with the family plan, it’s super awkward. I am hoping I am just not finding the answer, but for families that are not corps, share with… and user name(s) is easy. Knowing about collections not so much.

I can see the value in collections for big orgs, but I am considering this for our org and even then we use individual person sharing all the time.

Hey @rickla I have a family plan that I manage and collections just means shared folders.

You just add users to the organization and they can access items in the shared space.

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Right, but that means I would have to make a folder for each user to share just to one user, right?
In lastpass you can share with individuals one item at a time, that’s what I was looking for.

The team is working on enhancements to sharing, but currently you move items into an organization collection to share.

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So is single user sharing on that plan? I was talking to my IT director and he confirmed that’s something we do prefer to have (corp is stuck on lastpass)
Edit: I see on the roadmap reply one idea is just outside export. What we would look for is true sharing between users, especially admin to individual user(s).
I think the only way to allow this with collections would be collections hitting all permutations of users, which is not feasable.

How sharing was implemented in BitWarden has been holding me back from recommending it as a solution to several small businesses I support. I’m so happy to hear there are enhancements coming. Is user-level sharing part of what’s coming? Or at least the ability to return password ownership to an individual when removing it from the organization?