Does the web vault sync automatically?

The web vault does not automatically sync with remote changes, nor does it have a sync button. One of these should be implemented.

Sometimes I have two web vault tabs open for complicated maneuvering, like when I’m dealing with orgs, and it’s really annoying that I have to click refresh to sync the current page, then I have to type in my password again.

I actually figured out another way which is to navigate to a different page and then come back where I was, then the page is synced with the server. So it should be easy to add some sync button that just reloads the current page, thus syncing it.

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I can see this is still the case 9 months later (as @Drew described it)
The web vault does not automatically sync.
Ex.: add a new login from the browser extension,
search for it in the Web Vault: nothing.

That sounds like your browser extension isn’t syncing back to the cloud, then. The web vault is a view of the ‘master’ version of the vault on the cloud. It syncs every time you reload the page or perform an operation with the vault.

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Yes, good point - thanks, I’ll split the topic.