Does generating usernames enhance security?

I understand that having very strong passwords is the most important thing for security. However, how much does generating usernames enhance security?

I’ve started generating usernames for critical financial websites, but I’m not sure it is worth the time and effort. Is it?

Also, in cases where a website forces you to use an email address as the username, is it worth generating a username with something like anonaddy for enhanced security?

Personally, I use an alias (SimpleLogin) for every service so that if one is breached, it doesn’t expose anything and can be switched/nuked.

It also helps prevent had actors from pooling data about you, and can also be used to trace where email leaks happen because it is unique to that service.

The more data handed over, the easier it is too create a targeted attack against an individual.

TLDR unique credentials keep you safer in a beach as hackers can’t use your real email to try to bruteforce other accounts.

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@dwbit Thanks, that is helpful!

Just curious, what made you choose SimpleLogin over anonaddy?

Just being part of the open source community, SimpleLogin was the one that came up for me most at the time, I’m sure anonaddy is great too, just haven’t done any digging into it.

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