Does BitWarden require an email?

I have a friend who is looking at using BitWarden for administering the contestant’s servers for a Computer Security Competition (A regional competition for ).

However, not all of the Black team (What they call the network and server ops guys running the test environment) are going to be from the same org and it would be very difficult to get them all accounts across many domains.

I know when I created my account at I had to verify my email account, which makes sense for the public service. Is there a way to do this with just username/password? Perhaps in the on-prem version?

No, an email address is required for your username.

what are you managing?

a shared secret?

a bunch of creds that all Black Team members should share?

as long as they’re not adversarial and the use is limited to secrets for this game. (not serious)

why not make one account, insert all the secrets, and share the email and master password?