Does Bitwarden need to unlock the desktop app before unlocking the chrome plugin?

The chrome plugin of Bitwarden could be unlocked with biometric method while the desktop app was locked, so i could fill passports in web with just one unlocking.
But now, i have to unlock the Bitwarden desktop app before i unlock the chrome plugin, so i have to unlock the apps twice before filling passports in web.
That change doubles the trouble, and how could i set to make the app as convenient as it is in advance?
The version of chrome plugin is 2024.6.1, and the win10 desktop app’s version is 2024.6.2

Hello, and welcome to the community!

This is a new behavior; BW made changes to fix a vulnerability. I suggest using PIN until they fix the workflow to be more favorable. Don’t close the browser so you don’t get logged out. For login, use “Login with Device” feature.

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Thanks for your reply! :grinning:

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