Does Bitwarden clear all traces of unencrypted passwords (in memory) after use

I am evaluating my bank account security, password managers, and 2fa devices. A question I have is “Does Bitwarden clear all places in memory where it temporarily stored passwords, when preparing them for use”? Password managers need to decrypt and manipulate passwords for which, I assume, they must use computer memory. And, I assume, that the decrypted password must be stored in browser (Firefox or other) memory in preparing a packet to send to the target website for logging in. Also, I assume that someplace in memory is a keyboard buffer that contains any password that I type in. Is all this memory cleared (overwritten) immediately after use, or will I have this sensitive data laying around memory until I restart my computer??? And does Bitwarden protect me from a keyboard logger that some scammer might have been able to inject into my computer??

Help Center | Bitwarden Help & Support explains how it works in enough detail for most.

You can configure Bitwarden to some extent to clear data. You have to decide where you want to balance convenience and security and use it accordingly.

No password manager can protect you against a keylogger to any great extent. However, your security software can help to some extent.

Most banks are worse than useless at IT security. However, Bitwarden can help you to make them as secure as they can be made, which is still pretty lousy.