Does a trusted emergency contact get access to my master password?

If I set up emergency access and give emergency access to a trusted emergency contact, does that emergency contact ever get access to my master password? Does it matter if they have view access or takeover access? I assume the answer is no, but I wanted to confirm. Obviously if I save my Bitwarden credentials in Bitwarden then they could learn my master password that way, but assuming I do not do that, would they be able to learn my master password?

Also, if I use the new “master password re-prompt” feature for selected credentials, would a trusted emergency contact with emergency access be able to takeover or view the username or password for a record that requires master password re-prompt if they do not have my master password?


If the contact is set to “view only” - they simply log into their own vault, and can look at your vault items from there.

If the contact is “takeover” - they will reset and change the master password themselves, never knowing what yours was. Any items that are marked for ‘reprompt’ will accept the new master password.

Thank you for the response. So if the contact is “view only,” can the contact view and use my vault items in their vault in the same way as if they are shared by an organization? Can they use my login items to autofill from the chrome browser?

View only is actually only accessible from the Settings > Emergency Access screen inside their vault. Your items remain accessible, but separate from theirs.