💬 Do you work with secrets and other machine-to-machine privileged access?

A quick survey for developers, DevOps, and IT professionals who work with secrets and other machine-to-machine privileged access!

The Bitwarden team would like to get to know your experience with secrets management. It will only take a couple of minutes and your valued feedback will help the team build better solutions for developers. Thanks!

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I do, I’m even working on an ansible plugin for bitwarden, however, it’s a bit tricky for now as you’re almost required to use bw cli where we could do it natively if the crypto information where more accuratr and precise.

I’m having a provisioning process where the nodes register themselves on our DCIM, put introspected data, disable the root user, set a generated password on it and send that password to the organisation appropriate collections (split in regions) and add the crypted cipher url to the device custom field.

That custom field is then used by a configuration process to retrieve the cipher, decrypt it and use it to connect to the node and configure it.