"Do you want to update this password in bitwarden" even though password not changed

For some sites, bitwarden issues the message “Do you want to update this password in bitwarden?” even though the password has not changed.

Why does it do this?

Bitwarden can be forced (via Settings) to never show this message, but why does it sometimes appear erroneously without forcing it to always be turned off?

It would be helpful if you posted the site where you are seeing this happen. Without being able to reproduce the issue I can only speculate.

It seemed to be an issue with custom fields. I deleted the custom fields (which were no longer needed by the site), and the issue went away.

I’ll let you know if I encounter the issue again.

I face the same issue for a specific website

After successful login to site and during navigation to different page or link (within the site) this popup keeps appearing constantly and until logout from site.

Vivaldi (latest updated) is the browser I use in Windows 10 (x64 build 1803)