Do I need to enable Apple Keychain AND Bitwarden in i(Pad)OS?


I always wondered, in i(Pad)OS we can set BOTH (at the SAME time) Apple Keychain and Bitwarden as our Autofill password apps.

Why is that? What is the purpose of i(Pad)OS letting us set these BOTH at the same time? And what are the pros and cons of setting them BOTH instead of just Bitwarden only?

Someone in the know? :face_with_monocle:

Hi @Grover!

You don’t need to enable both - but you can use both simultaneously. When using both, you’re able to select which tool from which to fill in credentials. The downside though, is if you enable both, you may accidentally save a password in the wrong one :+1:

Thanks for your answer, @tgreer :+1:

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