Display search string in iOS auto fill popup

When an App requires logging in it often happens that I see the „Password“ autocomplete and BitWarden can be triggered to pop up.
Depending on the url the app uses the list sometimes finds the correct entry or the list is empty because it uses a different endpoint for the api than the website is on.

It would be super helpful to either populate the search-textbox at the top with the url or somehow display it. Then it’d be possible to add a host entry to the match list and i wouldn’t need to search for it every time.

It would also help if I would be prompted if I want to associate the found-via-manual-search entry with the url and if so adding it to the match list.

This may be limited by the frameworks with Apple - but it seems with new OS updates there is more emphasis on data from Password Managers. We’ll see how things go!

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This would be perfect. This is happening way too often where the ios app doesn’t use their website as the lookup.