Display Name and Nick Name Implementation

As posted within GitHub I have been having an issue populating the Display Name and Nick Name properties even though I am passing them into the API? See:

I also have an issue with different domains for the same app. Currently we are using two domains for a singe app. Forexample our development domain is: “development.testcompany”
and our production domain is: “production.testcompany”

Everything works fine in development, but now that I’ve just deployed to production it doesn’t work. My guess is that the API is flagging the second domain as a different app? I would have deleted the app to test my theory but there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to do so.

Hey @Anthony1,

I replied in the github issue. Display Name/ Nick Name · Issue #2 · passwordless/passwordless-dotnet-example · GitHub

Regarding the production domain, we are not flagging the second domain. However, Passkeys are tied to the origin/domain of the website. So Passkeys created on Domain1 will not show up on Domain2. You can however tweak the Origin and RPID to allow subdomains to share passkeys, by setting your rpid to the “root domain”.

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Got it, it turned out to be a caching issue that was still executing an old public key. Thanks!