Display fields as QR code

Display QR code for the various fields

Feature function

  • A new button next to the ‘Copy password’ & ‘Show value’ button that, when clicked on would display the password or custom field value as a QR code.

  • The benefit would be that 3rd party apps which do not allow the pasting of a code but do allow a QR code to be scanned, are less likely to receive wrong user input.

I myself use Bitwarden (due to the zero knowledge encryption) to store seed phrases from my digital wallets holding crypto currencies. More than often I’m unable to paste a seed phrase inside these digital wallets, however, I am able to scan a QR code containing the seed phrase. It could also be useful for when storing API keys & secrets from the various exchanges which I could then simply scan with my mobile phone.

Other use cases are the storage of crypto currency deposit addresses in custom fields and have them display as a QR code

It’s not ideal but there is a python script you can use that extracts the secret from the we code and then you can import it into Bitwarden. I have using this method for a while. I am on mobile right now but I will post the script

Deposit addresses don’t need to be stored securely, so I see no good reason to add features to support them better.

Why would you want to keep your digital wallet seed phrases in BitWarden? “You should never store your seed phrase on any application or device that is connected to the internet” -source (ledger.com)

Am I missing something?

Is this purely for convenience?

Couldn’t you simply copy and paste the code into a QR generator app?

Yes, this is purely for convenience :slight_smile:
I use Bitwarden for more than just storing passwords.

True, storing deposit addresses is just for convenience only as Bitwarden is synced through all my devices. As for storing seeds. I do have them as a backup in crypto steel but I trust in the zero knowledge encryption from Bitwarden, otherwise I wouldn’t store any password in it at all :slight_smile:

To me Bitwarden is more than just storing passwords, I also store contact information there from people who do not want to be associated with a google account (journalist sources).

Maybe in the future Bitwarden will even offer (free/paid optional) file storage within the app, who knows. I for one would be interested in it :slight_smile:

Do you mean like this?


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Wow I can’t believe I missed this. I’m a paid user :smiley:
This is amazing. Best app ever!