Disable Organization Creation

I set up an Organization and set up SSO with Azure which seemed to work pretty well. However, I find it odd that any regular user can create their own Organizations and even select a free or paid plan. Is there a way to disabled this and what would the purpose of this be?

So I looked at the help again and it says this:

Single Organization

Enabling the Single Organization policy will restrict non-Owner/non-Admin members of your Organization from being able to join other Organizations, or from creating other Organizations.

That policy does not seem to work. My users still have the option to create an Organization.

LOL, I guess the policy works sort of. If they try to create an Org, they get an error.

“Your current organization has a policy that does not allow you to join more than one organization. Please contact your organization admins or sign up from a different Bitwarden account.”

The option shouldn’t be there at all. Currently it lets them fill out the entire form including adding Credit Card info and then gives the error on Submit. The New Organization button is tempting them to try creating a free Org.

just a question, why does that bother you? as it surely does not make a security breach, and people might use the same BW account for professional and personal use (as i myself do), i have created an org with a cousin to share streaming and gaming accounts (with 2FA), and i don’t want to use multiple BW accounts, as basically, even the professional accoun is mine and the org jus shares passwords with me

Your set up sounds different. My users are signing in with single sign on using their work email. It probably won’t be used for personal use.

It bothers me because if I disable a feature, it should go away, not let the user fill out a form and then in the end say haha sorry the admin disabled it when they hit submit. Similar issue with the Send feature. I can disable it but the send buttons are still there.

oh yes! then it’s completely different, i sign in with my personal email and my organization is sharing a vault with me. and indeed i see how problematic this really is… hope it gets fixed, have a nice evening sir