Disable bitwarden username menu on a specific site


I am just onboarding onto BitWarden (finally) from LastPass. The transition has been much easier than expected. One item of minor inconvenience I am trying to configure is to remove username selections on a specific website.

I use messages.google.com to send texts from my web browser, and when going to enter the recipients, I get all of the Bitwarden suggestions for google dot com. I’d like to of course retain those for regular google sites, but disable for messages.google.com. I played around with excluded domains, but that doesn’t seem to do it. I looks like I would need a URI to specify messages dot google dot com, disable that, and have it supersede google dot com rules.

Is this possible?

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This is not currently possible.

The best you can do is to go to Settings > Auto-fill change the selected option for “Show auto-fill menu on form fields”:

  • You can change the setting to “When auto-fill icon is selected”, which will allow you to type recipients without seeing the list of logins. When you need to sign in on a login form, though, you know have to click the Bitwarden shield icon to display the list of available logins.

  • You can change the setting to “Off”, which will disable the function completely. You can still fill in your login credentials, using four alternative methods — the simplest, most robust method is to press the keyboard combination Ctrl+Shift+L. Pressing this key combo repeatedly will cycle through your available accounts.


OK - thanks, can live with this

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