Directory Connector - Sync - "Remove disabled users during sync" - do they have their passwords

There are some key questions about syncing and one of which I am unclear of exactly what happens. If a user in my Active Directory environment has been disabled could you confirm:

  • this user will no longer be able to login to bitwarden.
  • data associated with the users account is NOT deleted (preferred result)
  • does the administrator still have access to the user data?
  • the administrator can manually delete the account when desired

That is my suspicion of how things would go but I have not found clear documentation on this. The ramifications are important so I’m trying to get confirmation.

What sayeth the group?


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If your server software is not an official Bitwarden product, then there may be compatibility issues. As you are evidently using Vaultwarden, your best bet is to turn to the Vaultwarden community for support: