Directory Connector successfully retrieves Groups from LDAP but not Users

Hey all, having a really strange problem I can’t understand.

I’m using BitWarden’s Directory Connector to connect to my Samba Active Directory LDAP database.

The connection is successful because in SYNC Settings when I check “Sync groups” and go back to the click Test Now, it will successfully output a list of all my security groups in the CN=Users container.

However, doing the same with “Sync Users” just outputs “No users to list.”

This is bizarre to me, I can’t understand why Users and Groups would be retrieved differently.

Any ideas would be really appreciated!

Hey @bedanizer, welcome!

I’m not an LDAP expert, but from my experience with this, the best way to explain it is, we sync the objects within their ‘scope’ more or less. BWDC syncs users and groups as distinct items to give flexibility, so you can sync groups, users, or both.

I’d make sure you have the container for the users specified exactly, along with the groups they belong to. I’m sure you’ve seen this article, but just in case:

If you keep running into issues, definitely reach out to our CS folks, they can help :slight_smile: