Direct Home Screen Shortcut to Specific Accounts

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Direct Shortcut to Specific Account

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Hi, just created an account to request so hope I’m doing this properly.
I have multiple accounts logged into Bitwarden on my phone (Android), which I rather frequently switch between. I’d like to request a feature where you can add a shortcut to your home screen that deploys you directly to the unlock screen for the respective account assigned to the shortcut. This would also be appreciated on the desktop app but my request is specific to the mobile Android app.

It would just remove so many frustratingly unnecessary steps of opening the app, unlocking, switching account, unlocking again, then search for the specific entry.

An example of another app with this feature is Google Play Store with the My Apps shortcut. Long press on the app icon to reveal list of available shortcuts. Then you have the option to drag a shortcut to your home screen for accessibility, or you can just tap on the pop-up for one time convenience.

Many other apps also have this type of shortcut for some function or other so I assume it wouldn’t be hard at all to implement.

I like that idea! It would make me so happy to have a blue BW shield in the browser toolbar pointing to my work account, and a (e.g.) green one pointing to my private account.

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