Different vault settings for different passwords

Can different vault timeout options for each passwords be added. I have many random accounts I do not care about, so the “never timeout” option would be best for convenience and autofilling. But for more important passwords maybe the master password should be required more often. So it would be good to have multiple vaults with different security level.

Hey there, and thanks for the feedback! Have you experimented with the master password re-prompt to add additional security per vault item? In a future iteration, it will protect the whole item and include other authentication options such as biometrics.

Thanks, I had somehow missed that before. However, the website says that it does not actually encrypt the password, which it should. Also, the key for those passwords should not be able to be derived from the key stored on the computer (for the never timeout option). Other than that it seems like it would suit my needs.

Thanks for clarification, let me know if you want to update your feature request above.

Hi, this is great news. Do you already have a timeline for this?