Different Domains of Same Site

I have a situation to describe here where Bitwarden has a conflict in able to remember the saved credentials.

  1. Navigate to Zoho website from an Indian IP Address
  2. On the top right you will get Signin Link Click on the same and you will see the address bar as accounts.zoho.in
  3. As you type the username and click the login button the address bar changes to accounts.zoho.com

Now Bitwarden presents a different set of saved credentials for step 2 and step 3 because of different address bars. Is there a way we can configure Bitwarden to treat both these URLs identical and/or similar something using Wildcards etc?

I have initiated a brainstorming in Zoho Security forums too for a pertinent and appropriate solution here:

Which URL do you have saved in the vault items that are presented in Step 2 and Step 3? What is the setting of the URI Match Detection option for each of those URLs?

If your match detection rule is set to Base Domain (which is the default, unless you have modified it), then login items with the URLs zoho.com, accounts.zoho.com, or anything.zoho.com should all be presented as matches to any of URL that ends with zoho.com.

The first signin URL from Zoho is presented from accounts.zoho.in (Bitwarden Vault is shown empty) when this page is loaded. Now I enter the username and click submit. The URL reloads into accounts.zoho.com (now Vault shows the list of my Zoho accounts).

I guess need to configure a wildcard pattern for accounts.zoho.*. Is that applicable and configurable?

@lavanyadeepak You didn’t answer my question about how the vault items are configured. Apparently, your vault contains at least two different login items that store credentials for the various Zoho sites. For each of those, it would be helpful if you could open the vault item editor, and inspect the stored URI values as well as the corresponding match detection option that has been selected in the dropdown menu located just below each URI.

You have at least two options for making this work. However, since I don’t know how your vault item URIs are configured, the best advice I can give you is to go to the “Domain Rules” section of the Account Settings in the Web Vault (https://vault.bitwarden.com/#/settings/domain-rules), click the button “+ New custom domain”, and enter the following text in the input field before clicking “Save”:

zoho.com, zoho.in