Difference between an organization, a folder and a collection

Can some one please explain the difference between an organization, a folder and a collection? Why would I use one over the other? It seems I can only be an admin of one org also show what is its purpose

Since I don’t personally use these features, I’ll give you the short version until someone else responds with a more detailed answer:

SAT-Style: A collection is to an organization as a folder is to an individual user.

Also, an organization “owns” a set of vault items that are stored in the organization’s vault. Users who are members of the organization have shared use of the items stored in the organization’s vault. Using collections to organize these shared vault items, it is possible to control which users have access to what items.

Okay so if all i use Bitwarden for is personal I would only ever user folders…

If I use Bitwarden for Personal & Business I would create an org and possibly inside that Org you could have 3 teams like Finance, Sales, IT and collections would go under the org which is the same as folders but collections could have permissions on them allowing others to only see that collection??

I don’t use Collections, but I believe the answer is yes based on what I read here:

Yes, my understanding is that your staff would each have their own individual vault (for non-shared credentials), and be invited to become members of the organization, where you can then designate the Sales team to only get access to the “Sales” collection, the Finance team to only get access to the “Finance” collection, etc. These collections would contain credentials that the team members can share. You can also specify whether specific users should have only read access or read/write access to the credentials within the collection(s) that they can access.

Perfect, Sorry one more question, is it possible to give a user “Use only permission” to a collection or a login so that all they can do is have the browser plugin type in the password for them but they cannot see the stored password?